Provincial Cannabis Roll Out Strategy : Alberta

As the legalization of Cannabis quickly approaches, provinces have been left to determine how they will introduce recreational cannabis into communities. News and information regarding the latest strategies for integrating cannabis will be listed as it is available. Sign Up for our newsletter to receive alerts and gain access to the latest news in the Canadian cannabis industry.


  • Age limit for purchasing cannabis will follow the legal requirements for purchasing alcohol (18 years of age) for the province of Alberta. No smoking or vaping will be tolerated where tobacco is prohibited. The use of cannabis will be illegal within the confines of a vehicle unless it is a temporary residence. Home growing will not be permitted aside from accordance with the regulations.
  • Alberta will offer dedicated retail locations through the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. Municipal permits will be required and no more than 15% of total retail cannabis licences are to be held by one person or group. These licences will have a 1-2 year term and cannot be sold or transferred.
  • When purchasing Cannabis there will be a 30 gram limit per transaction and these retail locations will not be within 100 metres of schools or health care facilities unless authorized by municipal law enforcement.


• Alberta plans to control the online sale of pot, but will leave over-the-counter sales to private operators. Details on how sales would work have yet to be determined. Private pot stores would have to be physically separate from stores that sell alcohol, tobacco or pharmaceuticals, but how that would be legally defined is also undetermined. Stores would not be allowed to sell anything but cannabis and cannabis-related products.

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