Provincial Cannabis Roll Out Strategy : British Columbia

As the legalization of Cannabis quickly approaches, provinces have been left to determine how they will introduce recreational cannabis into communities. News and information regarding the latest strategies for integrating cannabis will be listed as it is available. Sign Up for our newsletter to receive alerts and gain access to the latest news in the Canadian cannabis industry.



  • Possession limit for British Columbia is capped at a 30 gram maximum in public. Use of cannabis will be allowed in tobacco smoking and vaping areas. Locations frequented by children will be prohibited and these locations include: park benches, beaches, parks and playgrounds.
  • A maximum of 4 plants can be grouwn per household and must not be visible from public spaces. Home cultivation will be banned in dwellings such as daycares.
  • BC Liquor and Distribution Branch (LDB) to operate public retail stores. BC Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (LCLB) to license private retail stores. Cannabis retail stores in urban locations not to sell liquor or tobacco. Exceptions to be made for cannabis retail stores in rural areas, similar to the current exceptions for rural liquor stores.


• British Columbia has set the age of consumption at 19, with retail sales allowed through both public and private stores. Retailers will have to get their supply of cannabis from the government’s wholesale distribution system used for alcohol.


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