Provincial Cannabis Roll Out Strategy : New Brunswick

As the legalization of Cannabis quickly approaches, provinces have been left to determine how they will introduce recreational cannabis into communities. News and information regarding the latest strategies for integrating cannabis will be listed as it is available. Sign Up for our newsletter to receive alerts and gain access to the latest news in the Canadian cannabis industry.


  • The storage of cannabis in a private dwelling will be allowed within a secure space which is not accessible to persons under the age of 19. The consumption will also be limited to private homes, vacant land or in prescribed locations.
  • Cultivation will be permitted providing that the outdoor cultivation has a locked enclosure of 1.52M minimum around the location. Indoor cultivating must be separated in a locked space.

• New Brunswick will set the minimum age at 19 and require users to lock away their marijuana when it’s in their home. The province announced last month that people would be able to buy marijuana at a subsidiary of the province’s liquor commission.


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