Provincial Cannabis Roll Out Strategy : Ontario

As the legalization of Cannabis quickly approaches, provinces have been left to determine how they will introduce recreational cannabis into communities. News and information regarding the latest strategies for integrating cannabis will be listed as it is available. Sign Up for our newsletter to receive alerts and gain access to the latest news in the Canadian cannabis industry.


  • Ontario will continue to prohibit the sale of cannabis to those under the age of 19 and will prohibit the consumption of cannabis in public spaces, workplaces, within vehicles, boats and prescribed locations. Ontario will consider restrictions on the use of cannabis in common areas like apartments, condominiums and college/university residences.
  • Ontario is considering offering licensed and regulated lounges and designated outdoor smoking/vaping areas.
  • There will be an approximate 80 retail locations within Ontario by July 1, 2019 and 150 stores by 2020. These locations will be branded as “Ontario Cannabis Store”. Stores will have online channels and will have uniform pricing. Currently the authorized hours of operation are 9am-11pm with the exception of Sundays where the stores will be available from 11am,-6pm.
  • The transportation of cannabis will be limited to carrying it in a sealed package that is fastened and not readily available to any person in a vehicle, or boat. This will be followed with a zero tolerance policy for young and novice drivers.


• Ontario intends to sell the drug in up to 150 stores run by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario to people 19 and older, with a ban on its consumption in public spaces or workplaces.


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