Provincial Cannabis Roll Out Strategy : Quebec

As the legalization of Cannabis quickly approaches, provinces have been left to determine how they will introduce recreational cannabis into communities. News and information regarding the latest strategies for integrating cannabis will be listed as it is available. Sign Up for our newsletter to receive alerts and gain access to the latest news in the Canadian cannabis industry.


  • Quebec purchasing age will follow the regulations laid out for alcohol which is 18 years of age.
  • Smokinig and vaping will be limited to outside of private homes and exceptions will be made for closed smoking rooms in certain facilities.
  • The cultivation will remain prohibited for residents of Quebec.

• Quebec has tabled a bill whereby all pot would be sold through the provincially run liquor board, although there is flexibility for exceptions. Quebec plans to open 15 marijuana stores by July 1 and control sales online. The bill also makes it illegal to cultivate cannabis for personal or commercial use, unless authorized, and limits possession in a home to 150 grams, and to 30 grams on a person. There will also be a zero-tolerance policy for driving under the influence of any drug.


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